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ROSPA Diploma in Advanced Riding Instruction

Tuesday 21st, May


The five-day course has been designed for motorcycle instructors who wish to provide training for candidates in preparation for the RoSPA Advanced Riding Test, and those who wish to develop their ability to train to an advanced level, both in the classroom and on-road.

Day One

The main emphasis on Day One is acquainting the delegates with the course instructors and each other, and assessing the level of skill of each rider to ensure that standards are maintained and consistent between delegates. This will include:

- Introductory classroom sessions – introduction to advanced instruction and discussion
- Instructional roadworthiness and pre-ride checks
- On-road riding assessment with feedback from their instructors on strengths and areas that may require further development

Day Two

Essentially a classroom day focussing on instructional techniques and the role and responsibilities of the advanced instructor. Topics covered include:

- Introduction to classroom management skills
- Planning and delivering training programmes
- Rehearsal of presentations

Day Three

This is essentially a riding day that will focus on fault analysis, remedy and evaluation. This will be taught through role-play whereby delegates will assume the roles of both instructor and student in a variety of scenarios. This will address the subject of:

- Motorcycle dynamics – the handling and stability of the machine
- The system – how it supports defensive riding, promoting safety and riding efficiently
- Urban riding

Day Four

Another riding day further addressing the issues raised on the previous day, particularly the quality and effectiveness of the feedback given by delegates. This will involve:

- Rural and motorway/dual carriageway riding
- Forward and rear observations
- Signals
- Review

Day Five

This is the examination day, conclusion of the course and debrief. Candidates will use their own vehicles, which should be insured, roadworthy and fit for a full day of riding in various weather conditions.


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