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Under the 2007 General Application Regulations Display Screen Equipment (VDU) Regulations, employers are required to analyse VDU workstations to assess the risks to users’ health and safety. As a result of these assessments employers will be required to reduce the risks identified to the lowest level reasonably practicable.


This course will equip participants to carry out VDU assessments.


On Completion of this course participants will be able to:


State the requirements of the General Application Regulations 2007
State the factors that constitute an assessment
State ergonomic factors and VDU workstation layout
Appreciate the postural implications of VDU workstations
Carry out VDU workstation assessments

Course Programme
Ergonomics and Anthropometrics
An introduction to the relationships between the individual, the task, the environment and the work equipment
Legal Requirements
Discussion on Irish and European legislation pertaining to VDUs
Perceived and real hazards of VDU work
Recent studies on hazards and their results
Principles and Aims of Assessment
Assessment Techniques

Mechanisms used to Assimilate Knowledge


The course is highly participative. Participants take an active role in all modules and complete an end of course questionnaire, which assesses their level of knowledge on completion of the course. Participants are provided with a checklist to facilitate them in assessing VDU workstations in their workplace.


Duration: 1 Day

Maximum number of participants: 10


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